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Our Assessment Charter covers a comprehensive review of your
entire project environment, evaluating and providing you with assurance in the
key areas which underpin any successful project

Business Case and benefit realisation

validation that the reason for delivering the project remains and the benefits can be delivered

Project Objectives and Achievability

ensuring objectives are clearly defined and can be achieved - teams are focused on a common goal

Business Requirements

making sure the needs of the business are clearly documented and are being delivered

Governance and Reporting

ensuring structures are in place to deliver effective direction & control with effective decision making

Risks and controls

assessing the effectiveness of how risks are identified, managed, controlled and owned

Financial management

assessment of how your financial investment is being tracked and reported to ensure it remains VFM

project management

assurance that there is a strong and robust structure in place and the methodology is working for you

Stakeholder Engagement

ensuring that your key stakeholders are fully engaged and mechanisms to keep them informed are effective


assurance that you have the right people with the right skills and tools to deliver a successful project

change controls

validation of how change to the project scope is managed, aligned with objectives and costed


ensuring that all levels of communication are effective and acting on feedback received

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